The submitted projects will be assessed based on six essential attributes of innovations – including transformative, impactful, pioneering, strategic, sustainable and adaptable.

With reference to the Geneva’s Innovation Academy, these six attributes are defined as follows:

  • Transformative of a service or process and not merely additive: the service or process should replace a previous system or prevention model and be improved in objective and measurable ways
  • Impactful: attracting the attention of other service providers, researchers, clinicians, and patients
  • Pioneering in its scope or in an element, being the first to change the system or process : establishing an approach that will be emulated by others
  • Strategic - fulfilling the mission of the organization
  • Sustainable - have positive, long-term impact
  • Adaptable - could be applied to different settings and resource health systems


Ms Flora Ho
China Patent Agent
IDEA Intellectual

Dr Eric Tang
Council member cum Vice Chairman of Information Technology Committee
Hong Kong Doctors Union

Mr Sam Yip
U.S. Parent Attorney
U.S. Attorney-at-law
Certified Patent Valuation Analyst
IDEA Intellectual


The Process

The adjudication process will begin with initial screening of the submitted abstracts by the judging panel, where the top-tier submissions will be selected to enter the final of the 3rd Hong Kong Innovation Day. On the 3rd Hong Kong Innovation Day, the top-tier teams will each gives a short oral presentation to the judging panel and responds to their questions. They will give a concise summary of the uniqueness and novelty of their innovations orally. The teams will also showcase a poster of their projects to professional public attending the event. Finally, the judging panel will decide the Winner, First and Second Runner-up.

An "Audience Favorite Award" will be voted by the audience attending the event. Professional publics who successfully register online as an audience and attend the event are eligible to vote for their favorite team at the end of the presentations.


The following awards will each consists of a trophy, a certificate and a cash prize. The cash prizes are listed below and are expected to be used to continue the development of the innovation.

Winner: HK$30,000, and compete for the Innovation Award of Excellence at the Global Healthcare Innovation Day in 2018 in Hong Kong
First Runner-up: HK$20,000
Second Runner-up: HK$10,000