PolyU, Nursing education leader in Hong Kong

Nursing education courses for those interested in serving their community as medical professionals are being offered at the leading nursing education university in Hong Kong, the Polytechnic University School of Nursing.

Earning your nursing education certification at PolyU

Nursing education in Hong Kong has been continuously developed and enhanced by the contributions of the medical professionals that have dedicated their lives and their careers to the betterment of the future of all nursing education courses available in the country.

That said, signing up for a nursing education certification course will enable each student and graduate to receive the training and instruction that will more than just prepare them to become proficient healthcare professionals but also to elevate the quality of nursing education in Hong Kong as a whole.

Postgraduate studies at PolyU School of Nursing

The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong’s School of Nursing offers a total of seven postgraduate degree disciplines of study for each aspiring applicant to choose from. The seven nursing education courses are as follows:

Master of Nursing

Postgraduate Diploma in Specialty Nursing

Master of Science in Disaster Nursing

Master of Science in Nursing

Doctor of Health Science/ Doctor of Health Science (Nursing)

Master of Science in Disaster Management

Doctor of Philosophy/ Master of Philosophy

Each of the nursing education courses will allow its students and graduates to grow their contributions to their local communities and to the country exponentially.

The PolyU School of Nursing has done well to diversify the teaching faculty by enlisting the services of medical professionals both from local and international institutions.

By hiring local nursing education certification instructors, the university is able to provide its students with a deeper understanding of the current status of the Hong Kong nursing profession and its demands and its trends. Nursing education courses are taught to enable students to become leaders in innovative problem solving relevant to Hong Kong and its people.

The contribution of international medical professionals has helped elevate the nursing education standards in Hong Kong beyond measure. The expertise that they have shared with both the students and the medical professionals of the country has expanded the local understanding of global healthcare services.

What it means to be a PolyU School of Nursing graduate

The Polytechnic University School of Nursing prides itself in producing graduates that will maximize their nursing education certification learnings in providing their local communities and the country with excellent healthcare services.

Furthermore, the university prepares its students to lead in Hong Kong nursing education as future nursing education certification professors and administrators.

The training and instruction received by students under the PolyU nursing education courses will equip them with the skills needed to address healthcare concerns that are specific to Hong Kong communities.

Locally relevant and globally competent nursing education in Hong Kong

Global competence and excellence in healthcare services are of utmost priority to the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong. Its School of Nursing leads in providing nursing education courses to the country that has since changed the landscape of nursing education certification instruction on a massive scale.

Nursing education in Hong Kong continues to develop with the contributions of the diverse teaching faculty that has ultimately led to the success of the nursing education courses graduates in the medical field.

Applying for admission at the PolyU School of Nursing

To obtain your nursing education in Hong Kong’s lead nursing education courses provider, one must simply be a Bachelor’s Degree holder regardless of the discipline of study completed. Further evaluations will be administered once applications have been reviewed.

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