Master of Science in Specialty Nursing (53083)

Sept 2013 Entry (Last Intake)
Programme Code: 53083
Stream Code : N.A.
Mode of Study : Part-time
Normal Duration : 2 years
Credits Required for Graduation : 12
Fund Type : Self-financed
Programme Leader : Dr Li Si Jian, RN, MPhil, PhD
Programme Aims

The aim is to offer experienced specialist nurses the opportunity to develop the knowledge, understanding and competencies necessary to function effectively as an Advanced Nurse Specialist to provide holistic specialty care and direct a quality health care system.

Programme Characteristics

This is the first "Master of Science in Specialty Nursing" programme offered for graduate nurses in Macau. The programme philosophy reflects the four basic concepts underpinning the nursing profession: person, environment, health and caring. These concepts form the basis of the curriculum with following features:

Programme Structure
  1. This programme is tailored-made for graduates of Postgraduate Diploma in Specialty Nursing.
  2. Students will take one subject of nursing research (3 credits) and two subjects of dissertation (9 credits) in part-time study mode.
  3. The programme is offered in collaboration with the Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI). The School of Nursing (SN) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is responsible for subject teaching and supervision of two dissertation subjects.

A. Research Subjects(3 credits)

B. Dissertation(9 credits)

Entrance Requirements
Other Information

For further information on admission matters, please contact:
Miss Anthea Lin (tel: 2766 6416; e-mail:

Core Areas of Study

The Master of Science in Specialty Nursing Programme leads to specialisation and a leadership role in the following areas in nursing:

Personal Data Collection Statement
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The aim is to offer experienced speciality nurses the opportunity to develop the knowledge. The programme has four basic concepts underpinning the nursing profession: person, environment, health and caring.

Top 6 Nurse Speciality Areas for Medical Students!

For all those students who are interested in looking for specialised courses in nursing, nurse specialty is an area that they cannot miss. Unlike the usual arena of registered nurses or regular nurses pursuing their master¡¯s degrees, this domain includes professionals. They have specialised roles designated for them and hence, do not work along the usual lines.

As a matter of fact, there are a number of hospitals and other medical care facilities which specifically look for such nurses to fill in the designated roles. For all those students who are looking forth to specialise in this domain, scroll down and check out the options available.

Various arenas of nursing specialities:

1.Infection Control Nurse

Work: The concerned person is responsible for prevention of infection, controlling the various programs and practices. They identify various infectious diseases and investigate different epidemiologic details. They also conduct daily rounds and administer dosages to patients regularly.

How to become?

One needs to have a Bachelor¡¯s degree in Epidemiology and 1 year of healthcare experience in the field of prevention of infection.

2.Case Management Nurse

Work: One has to manage patients correctly, take over important cases, ensure minimal medical costs and manage the whole medical arena. The specific goals include ¨C developing specific plans for patients, updating the medical industry standards and discharging the patients.

How to become?

To become a case manager, one needs to start off as a registered nurse for a considerable time period. Also, one must sit for the management certification examination.

3.Quality Control Nurse

Work: Their primary work is to ensure that the healthcare facility that is meted out to the patients is in tandem with the Medical Board. From documentation to maintenance to framing policies, one has to cover multiple areas. Also, data analytics need to be done on a regular basis.

How to become?

One needs a Bachelor¡¯s degree along with 2 years experiences as a registered nurse to pursue this nurse speciality area.

4.Assistant Nurse Manager

Work: This work involves making schedules of various medical institutions, dealing with administrative issues, along with other mentoring duties.

How to become?

One has to undergo a Bachelor¡¯s degree programme, followed by a Master¡¯s degree programme. Also, requires to have 2-3 years of clinical experience.

5.Healthcare Informatics

Work: One works in this field towards various medical aspects, quality enhancement, and several medical programs development.

How to become?

A Bachelor¡¯s degree is an essential followed by a Master¡¯s degree in Computers, Information Systems or Biomedical Engineering. One must also have a minimum 3 years¡¯ experience in hospital settings.

6.Clinical Development Specialist

Work: The primary job responsibility is ¨C to hire new medical students, form training manuals for them, create and provide new programs for the students. On the whole, one has to coordinate each and every medical activity.

How to become?

One has to acquire a Bachelor¡¯s degree as well as minimum 2 years of teaching experience.

Since, these areas require different parts of studying within the Bachelor¡¯s degree, it is important to note that one chooses a medical college with topmost quality.

A nurse speciality emerges from a specially qualified institution!