Earning your Hong Kong MSC on a part-time schedule

Improving one’s knowledge in their chosen field is necessary but is often times easier said than done. The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong offers a part time Nursing Master to cater to people with busier schedules.

Continuously furthering your education at PolyU

A part time Nursing Master degree from PolyU not only ensures the advancement of your nursing career but it also enhances your capacity to be of help to a larger number of people throughout the duration of your career in the medical field while enabling you to continue working on your other commitments.

It is perfectly understandable for nursing graduates and other medical professionals to begin their careers in healthcare as soon as they are licensed to do so. Many of these medical professionals want to pursue further education but are limited by their prior commitments.

With these individuals in mind, PolyU Hong Kong offers part time MSC schedule options to cater to their needs. The opportunity to earn a Nursing Master part time has since been well received by medical professionals that have a fervent desire to proceed to higher levels of educational attainment.

The benefits of a part time MSC in Hong Kong

Students that take up a part time Nursing Master are able to enjoy the benefits of an enhanced learning system designed to produce world class graduates to serve not only in Hong Kong but the rest of the world.

Although taken on a schedule that’s part time, MSC degrees are and will always be deemed as an essential additional credential that will enable one to render more advanced healthcare services.

Furthermore, with a part time MSC earned in Hong Kong, graduates will be equipped with the proficiency to provide excellent healthcare services to address the specific medical needs of the country.

The advantages of a part time Nursing Master schedule

Apart from the benefits of continuing your education in your chosen profession, with a part time MSC schedule, you are able to continue working at your current job.

Classes for the part time Nursing Master at Hong Kong PolyU are primarily offered during the evening. This means that students, who are also practicing nurses will be able to continue rendering their services at their respective hospitals or clinics of employment.

Medical professionals who have also gotten into parenthood can be catered by the part time MSC scheduling made available by the university and still have the time to care for their children.

Although the part time Nursing Master schedule extends the programme by an entire academic year, it has its own benefits and advantages that have proven to be well worth the extension.

Leading in the nursing profession as educators and administrators

Maintaining a career in the medical industry, no matter your specialization, it is a known fact that to advance to better positions, one must embark on a journey of lifelong learning.

Idealistically, that makes perfect sense but realistically speaking, not everyone has the luxury or the capacity to relieve themselves of employment to pursue further education.

To enable Hong Kong’s medical professionals to elevate their knowledge and expertise, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, true to its commitment, has delivered exactly what these individuals need to be able to become nursing educators and administrators.

Admission to the Master of Nursing programme

The part time MSC degree can be earned by graduates of PolyU Nursing and other similar courses.

Applications are to be sent online through the official website. Take note of the 3 important steps for the online application:

Check application procedures

Submit your application

Check your application result

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