Master of Science in Infection Control (53085)

Last intake in 2016
Programme Code: 53085
Stream Code : FIC (Full-time)
PIC (Part-time)
Mode of Study : Mixed-mode
Normal Duration : 1.5 years (Full-time)
2.5 years (Part-time)
Credits Required for Graduation : 30
Fund Type : Self-financed
Programme Leader : Dr Margaret O’Donoghue, PhD

**For PolyU graduates of Postgraduate Diploma in Infection Control please click here for details to complete your Master degree by taking an Advanced Practicum option

Programme Aims

This programme aims to provide experienced healthcare staff and professionals in relevant industries such as building services engineering, manufacturing, textiles and catering, etc. with a qualification that will allow them to become infection control practitioners and to take on leadership or educational roles in infection control.

Programme Characteristics

This is a multidisciplinary and dedicated programme in infection control offered for healthcare professionals and professionals in relevant industries. It covers the latest and emerging knowledge on infection control, is offered in a mixed-mode and is self-paced to suit individual working schedules.

Students can pursue their studies on either a full-time or part-time basis. Depending on their pace of study, they should normally be able to complete the full-time programme in 1.5 years and the part-time programme in 2.5 years (or in 2 years if a more aggressive study pattern is adopted).


Programme Structure (Dissertation / Practicum)
  Dissertation Practicum
  No. of Subjects Credits No. of Subjects Credits
Compulsory Subjects 2 6 2 6
Core Subjects 4 12 4 12
Elective Subjects 1 3 2
(include SN501)
Dissertation 1 9 -- --
Practicum -- -- 1 6
Total 8 30 9 30

Please click here to view the programme leaflet and StudyPolyU for programme details and registration.

Compulsory Subjects (6 credits) Core Subjects (12 credits) Examples of Recommended Electives (3-6 credits)

* Students who have completed the two-week Infection Control course, organised by Squina International Centre for Infection Control annually, can apply for credit transfer for the core subject 'Infection Control Practice'.

^ Professional Development in Infection Control Practice (HTI5619) is a continuing education subject that requires students to collect Professional Practice Points (PPP). The subject can be completed over 2-4 semesters.

Study Options

Students can choose to complete a dissertation or a practicum.

Dissertation Option (9 credits)
The normal period for completion of a dissertation is 3 semesters. Students will select an area of interest in infection control for further investigation. Students must pass their chosen pre-requisite subject (a) Research Methods and Data Analysis (RS517); (b) Advanced Methods in Nursing Research (Qualitative Research) (SN5401); or (c) Advanced Methods in Nursing Research (Quantitative Research) (SN5051) prior to undertaking the dissertation.

Practicum Option (9 credits)
Students need to take the subject, Advanced Practice Role Practicum (SN5007) (6 credits), and its pre-requisite subject, Concepts of Advanced Nursing Practice (SN501) (3 credits).

Please click here for a detailed description of the practicum option.

Entrance Requirements

For further information on admission matters, please contact
Miss Mandy Fung (tel: 2766 4041; e-mail:

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