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Full Time Master in Nursing HK-Taught/Research | PolyU

The School of Nursing offers full time / part-time master in nursing(HK). The postgraduate studies come in different disciplines. Students can choose between taught, online and research programmes for the ideal concentration of study.

Master in Nursing offered at top HK University PolyU

The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong extends its invitation to professionals in the medical field to further their studies by taking up one of the university’s postgraduate degree offerings such as a Master in Nursing.

Furthering your education in Nursing

Becoming a nurse means that part of your life’s mission is to be of help to other people. More than just improving your skills and knowledge in your profession, taking up a full time Nursing Master means that you will be equipped to be of help to a larger number of people both in your community and in the academe.

Completing your Master in Nursing will enable you to gain credibility for higher positions in the nursing profession. With a Nursing Master earned in HK, specifically at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, your career in nursing will be propelled to unparalleled heights.

Non-nursing graduates are also welcome to apply for admission at the PolyU School of Nursing for to earn a Master in Nursing regardless of the industry or discipline in which their Bachelor’s Degree is associated.

Full time Nursing Master at PolyU

The Master in Nursing degree can only be earned on a full time schedule. It is one of the seven postgraduate degrees offered at the PolyU School of Nursing. The full time Nursing Master programme can and must be completed within a 3-year duration. Within the 3 years of the Nursing Master HK, each student will have taken up the following units:

30 Postgraduate credits

66 undergraduate credits

30 clinical field credits

To have completed the said credits means that each graduate of the full time Nursing Master programme will have been trained to become nursing professionals that are more than just highly competent but also to become the leaders of the future of nursing in Hong Kong.

Quality education at the PolyU School of Nursing

To become a leader in one’s profession, one must be more than just equipped with the competence to perform well. As a graduate of the PolyU Master in Nursing, students are prepared to deliver service that exceeds expectations.

Each graduate of the top provider of Nursing Master degrees in HK, students are taught and trained to be nursing professionals that go above and beyond of the status quo. That said, full time nursing master graduates are able to provide their future patients and students with holistic care expertise.

The PolyU School of Nursing promise

As degree holders of a Master in Nursing, graduates are able to elevate the quality of their contribution both to society and in the nursing educational landscape.

Providing ethical and legal nursing healthcare is not the only priority of the PolyU School of Nursing. The university also expects its full time nursing master graduates to be able to render healthcare services that are safe and ethical in nature.

The essence of being a nurse is to provide excellent healthcare to the citizens of Hong Kong and the world no matter their age and background.

The future of Nursing education and services

Nursing Master HK graduates also bear the weight of furthering the nursing profession in the country.

As the future educators of aspiring medical professionals, having a Master in Nursing proves to be of great advantage. One’s contributions will lead to the further improvement and progress of Hong Kong nursing education.

Furthermore, as a full time nursing master student, the future of nursing administration rests in your hands.

The PolyU promise is to produce nursing professionals that will bring Hong Kong’s nursing standards to the next level.