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Find your nursing career path in the best nursing school in HK - PolyU

The School of Nursing at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is one of the best nursing schools in HK, you may find your nursing career path in here. To pursue academic excellence of practical value in nursing and healthcare services is the goal of PolyU nursing school. The staff members of the nursing school are making great contributions to the needs of local community and dedicating their knowledge and expertise to facilitating the development of nursing scholarship nationally and internationally.

Your Nursing career path could be great to start in the best nursing school in HK. The School of Nursing at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University tends to become a leading School offering quality programmes and producing high caliber graduates in Nursing. The School contributes to the well-being of mankind by producing graduates with attributes of reflective practitioner and future nurse leader. Also, the nursing school's mission is performing research and consultancy leading to health enhancement and healthcare innovations.

Why would people say PolyU has the best nursing school in HK? One of the reasons is the perfect facilities, including Clinical skills laboratories, Specialty laboratories and Integrative health clinic. Great facilities of the nursing school can provide a better training to the students which could help you to build your nursing career path. Clinical skills laboratories are well equipped and furnished as hospital wards for nursing practice.?By assessing the various clinical signs generated by the simulators, students are able to make clinical decisions and practice their nursing skills in a safe and realistic environment.

PolyU's nursing school provides both Undergraduate studies and Postgraduate studies. Clinical placement is an essential component of nursing education in PolyU, it provides opportunities for students to develop and enhance competence and confidence in professional practice which is very useful of your nursing career path.

Come to know more about the best nursing school in HK, you will find your way in PolyU.