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The 16th Biennial School Nurses International Conference 2011, Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong SAR

Date: 25th to 29th July 2011


The Biennial International School Nursing Conference first took place in 1981. It aims to provide a forum for healthcare workers and youth stakeholders working with school children and adolescents around the world. Within this conference, they can come together in a stimulating, intellectual and pleasant environment and share their knowledge and caring experience of a wide variety of health needs of school children and adolescents.

Conference Aim

The theme of the 16th Biennial School Nurses International Conference 2011 in Hong Kong is “The role of school nurses: Evidence-based Practice, Globalization and Policy Formulation ”. The conference will provide a world-wide perspective on evidence-based practice, role and policy formulation of health care providers and other disciplines with particular reference to emerging social, political, economic, environmental, and health trends. It will give health care providers such as school nurses, doctors, school personnel, and social workers, policy makers, scholars in relevant fields, and parents a platform to engage in issues at the heart of current discussions around child and adolescent health across cultures and countries, especially Greater China and East Asia.

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